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You've seen me playing at festivals...

You've heard my music on the radio...

You've seen me performing on TV...

Now, I want to offer you the Ultimate Nick Howell Album Package - just for fans like you. 


You get 3 things in this unbelievable package:


#1.) Instant access to:

- The Best of Nick Howell -

In this All-New giant collection, You get my very best songs (as voted by my fans) including songs from my upcoming third album!Over an hour of the finest hand crafted Rock & Roll on two CD's and high quality instant download.

I've gone back and re-mixed and mastered my songs so they sound better than ever! 

   "Immediately strapped on my Bluetooth audio headset and listened .. huge difference in the mixing. The song itself should have made #1 on the radio .. ok need to go listen again .. thanks a million" - Geoff P.

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“This is Amazing Nick! Your guitar work is awesome. Takes me back to the late 60’s”

- Ken F.

“Wow!!...very rocked me to the core…”

- Lisa B

“That is absolutely amazing.”

- Julie H.

​"...Holy sh*t that's good."

- Laura T.

Take a listen for yourself: 

Take A Quick Listen,
What Do YOU Say?

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" Take one part forest hippy, one part prog rock technical skill, and one part the madness of a classical artist, put them all together...

...And you get Nick Howell. "

-John Oszajca

(famous Rock Artist)

This extraordinary new collection is Not available on Spotify, it's Not on iTunes, and it's Not sold in stores.

The only place to get The Best of Nick Howell is right here! Order yours now:

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Order Right Now, And You'll Also Get An Exclusive
VIP Livestream Concert Experience!

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What? Really!?

A Concert!?



I've always thought a concert is the one thing that really gets you into a band. How many great concerts have you seen and became a fan for life?

This is a livestreamed concert with a maximum of 20 people.


I want to keep it small so that you're not lost in a waterfall of comments and we can actually chat and connect in between songs.


That's what music is all about right? Communication, Connection, and Creation.

My fans are the coolest fans in the entire world. They love it. We're going to have such a great night! Come join us!

And don't worry if I send you the date and you can't make it that night. Just let me know, and I'll get you into the next concert!

And as if that's not the coolest thing a Rockstar can offer you, here's one more thing: 

Order Right Now, And I Will Record A 
Personalized Video Just For YOU!

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  • YouTube

I will take my cell phone and record myself playing an acoustic version of one of my songs just for you.


In other words, nobody else in the whole world will have access to this video, this one unique performance...

It really is just for you.  

Just To Recap, Here's What You're Getting:

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- The Best Of Nick Howell -
The Complete Collection on 2 CD's 
($55 value) 

You will receive 2 CD's with 16 of Nick's Best Songs as voted by his fans PLUS 2 bonus tracks. Only my best songs are in this giant collection

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- The Best Of Nick Howell -
The Complete Collection
Instant Download
($20 value) 

Instantly, You could be listening to these songs and discovering new favourites! All songs in the download package are extremely high quality 320kbps .mp3 files.

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- Nick Howell LIVE Concert -
Exclusive Livestreamed
VIP Concert Experience
($60 value) 

You will receive a VIP ticket to an exclusive livestream concert with maximum 20 people attending. This will give us a chance to connect and chat between songs

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- Personalized Video -
Personal Acoustic Performance 
($500 value) 

I'm going to perform one of my songs on acoustic guitar just for you, record it, and send you the video.

This once-ever performance will be yours, and yours alone.

If you were to buy these things separately, You would be spending $635!


But I'm offering The entire package to you right now for just $54.25! That's 92% off!


(And that's in Canadian dollars which is only about $44 US dollars) 

But because these VIP concerts start next week, this offer is time sensitive...


Nick Howell New Fan Package.png
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100% Money Back Guarantee

Feel safe knowing you can get a full refund at any time.

If you decide the music isn't for you Just let us know at

I'll give you your money back, and you can keep the album.

No Questions.

Nick Howell

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