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“This is Amazing Nick! Your guitar work is awesome. Takes me back to the late 60’s” - Ken F.

“Wow!!...very rocked me to the core…” - Lisa B

“That is absolutely amazing.” - Julie H.

​"(0:52) Holy sh*t that's good." - Laura T.

If you have the radio in your car permanently tuned to a classic rock station, I think you’re going to be very excited to hear what I’m about to show you...

A Rock Album For The Ages...

Every Night I would work on it...

 Nick Howell Organ

​I wrote songs, I crafted them by hand using a secret method of song craft.

I recorded this album with REAL instruments that I played.

Real drums.

Real guitar.

Real musical frying eggs...

...Wait... Musical frying eggs? Yes. Musical frying eggs (you’ll hear it on the album)

Let me paint a picture for you...

You drop the needle on this record and the first thing you’ll hear is my 50 year old farfisa organ start up.
You’ll feel the vibration of those low notes through your whole body - the power of the organ as it warms up.
Then, the crash of the cymbals as the drums lay into a deep groove and the organ begins a cyclical melody that forms the base of the whole song. 
Out of nowhere, a guitar cuts through high above the organ, just hanging in midair…

​...and we’re not even 20 seconds into the album yet!


This is what I want to share with you today. Below are some examples of the songs that are on this new album.

What's on this album


"I had learned so much from my first album, and there were so many new things I wanted to try and new directions I wanted to explore with this one..."

You Are About To Go On A Rock & Roll Journey With 8 Amazing Tracks, Including... 

"Love Your New Album"

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"We really love your new CD.  I put it on my iPod and was listening to it on the subway today as well.

Peter thinks you did a super job of mixing and balancing all the tracks.  And we really like the diversity of genres that you used.  I love how you are using your voice in different ways and it really works when you just go for it.

The way all the instruments play of each other is fantastic.  It reminded me of listening to U2 CD's.  I would listen to separate instruments on different listens and the layering you used is really cool.

Also, I think the organ in We Will Go On plays off your voice really well.  It's like a call and response and they go together beautifully.

I had Love With the Bottle in my head all morning.  It was hard not to sing along with you on the subway.  But... I restrained myself.

I can hear Small Town being played on the radio.  It's really beautiful.

I could go on because each song is like a separate painting.  The CD is like an art show.  I got visuals in my head for some of them.

So congratulations.  We can tell you put your heart and soul into this CD and you just keep on getting better!
All the best..."

-Sharon and Peter

1: We Will Go On

The deep organ will vibrate your whole body. This is a heavy song with heavy lyrics, but also a song of hope. The guitar solo will space you out...

2: In Love With The Bottle

A sad story. This is a bluesy number and it really is the blues. For the guitar solo, I used the fossilized tooth of a bull shark that swam the Gulf of Mexico thousands of years ago...

3: Small Town

Standing up for who you are. This is a fan favourite. The 2am bar chorus at the end will have you singing along

4: We Are The Song

Laid back and beautiful which crescendos into a rocking sound you would expect to hear on any rock radio station. The the end feels like you're looking up at the spinning milky way galaxy... 

5: Dawson City Sunrise

Duty, Sacrifice... and a wicked guitar duel - all inspired by the true story of a historical duel in Dawson City...

6: The Desert

Trippy psychedelic and upbeat. You'll never know what you'll find when you wander into The Desert. Rob 'Mando Man' Moreau joins me on this one...


7: If The Sun Goes To Sleep

Something BIG is happening. This song is a bit scary, a bit otherworldly, a bit ROCK. I used sound captured from NASA's Cassini mission and a technique called 'convolution' to make it sound exactly like I would if I were singing on Saturn...

8: Against The Fading Light

This song will take you through your whole life - the trials, tribulations, growing up, finding love, from the moment of birth to the fading light at the end. 

This Is What People Are Saying About WE WILL GO ON...

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But really, it's up to you.

​I want you to decide whether or not this rock and roll is everything I say it is.

You determine whether or not listening to my songs is the fantastic spellbound experience I promise - Where the world you live in seems to fade and become unreal, and the only thing left is the music and the beautiful visuals it brings you.  

​It's up to you.

Take a listen...

Take A Listen, What Do YOU Say?

That’s just a couple songs from the new album:

If that’s the kind of music you like, You will LOVE the rest of the album.

Normally, my CD sells for $20.

But today, you can pick up the Digital Album AND the CD, AND a bunch of bonuses right now for just $19.95 CAD!

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Right Now, You'll Also Get A Digital Booklet of Lyrics, and Linear Notes... And THREE Bonus Songs You Won't Find Anywhere Else!

I like to give my fans as much as I can. 


So right now, when you buy We Will Go On, you'll also get The lyrics, and linear notes of We Will Go On in a digital booklet!  

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You'll also get three exclusive bonus songs!


The first is called "Jenny". It's a poppy little rock number about meeting that special someone who is THE one! It'll get you moving!

The second is called "Frosted Streetlamps". It's a haunting duet sung with Jennifer Van Gennip, who along with her beautiful voice, also provides the piano accompaniment that is featured on this track.

The Third is called "New World". It begins with nothing but a guitar and a voice in the distance, then builds to an anthem of hope. 

You can't get these songs anywhere else...


Except right here! 

I want to give you something extra because you are supporting me directly rather than buying the album on iTunes or just streaming it on Spotify.


So, I added these bonus songs as my way of saying thank you for buying directly from me!  

I Just don't know how long I'll be offering these bonuses for,


so pick up the album now, and don't miss out on the FREE bonuses! 

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I Guarantee You Will LOVE This Album... 

I guarantee you will love this album! If you don't LOVE We Will Go On...

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No Questions.

Here's What To Do Next

We Will Go On has been heard by thousands of people all over the world. I've played my songs in bars, at festivals, on the radio... And people LOVE IT!

I want you to get my album We Will Go On because I think you'll love it too.

When you purchase the album you will be taken to a page where you will have immediate access to download the We Will Go On Album Package, complete with all the bonuses. You will also receive an email with the link to download the album package.  

You CD will arrive in the mail anywhere between 2-5 weeks after you order. Whenever I order, it always seems to be exactly two weeks and one day.

I don't know how long I will be offering these bonuses for, so it's best to pick up the album now while you can still get them! 

Just To Recap, Here's What You'll Get...

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#1. We Will Go On the Full Album on CD - 8 tracks PLUS 3 bonus tracks "Jenny", "Frosted Streetlamps", and "New World" Which are not available anywhere else - totaling 11 songs...
#2. We Will Go On Digital Album - All songs in 320kbps High Quality .mp3 files
BONUS #3. A Ten page Digital Booklet of the album's lyrics, linear notes, and a few photographs as well!
BONUS #4.  Three exclusive Bonus tracks: "Jenny", "Frosted Streetlamps" and "New World" 

I don't know how long these exclusive We Will Go On Album Bonuses are going to be available for, and I don't want you to miss them!

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my album!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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Nick Howell

Nick Howell



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