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Nick Howell

Nick Howell is an award winning rock artist, and composer of the #1 best-selling album, Traveller

Working from his secret Cabin Studio, located somewhere in the woods north of Toronto, Ontario, he hand crafts fine rock & roll, and performs wild concerts which are unlike anything rock audiences have experienced before. He is a dreamer and has hopes of inspiring, and creating on a scale no one has ever dreamed of.

Creative, ambitious and completely unrealistic, Nick has committed his life to bringing people together worldwide through the power of music And creating art on a huge scale to show that "Anything that can be imagined is possible."

He also loves waffles, reading about ancient Egyptian technology, singing to wildlife, Beethoven, foraging for wild edibles, and watching Lord of the Rings on repeat.

His schedule is kind of crazy but he does love performing in unique locations. Booking inquiries should go to nickhowellhelpdesk@nickhowellrocks.com, thanks.

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